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Best Little Giant Sump Pumps

Best Little Giant Sump Pumps

Today’s Pump and Pump Product Recommendation: Little Giant Sump Pumps

Here are the best deals on Little Giant Sump Pumps around. We are pleased to recommend the following Little Giant Sump Pumps. Our top picks for Little Giant Sump Pumps are:

Little Giant Sump Pumps:

Little Giant 5-MSP Permanently Lubricated 1/6 HP Utility Pump
Little Giant 6-CIA, 1/3 HP, 45 GPM – Automatic Submersible Sump Pump, 10′ power cord (506168)

For use in Residential applications with light to medium transfer demands. Pumps up to 18.3 GPM. Pumps down to an 1/8in. from the floor. Includes garden hose adapter and removable inlet screen for easy cleaning. UL and CSA listed. 1-year limited warranty. Flow (GPH): 1,200, Volts: 115, HP: 1/6, Max. Total Head (ft.): 26.3, Max. Suction Lift (ft.): 26.3, Discharge Port (in.): 1, Pump Housing: Durable Protective Epoxy Coating for Corrosion Resistance, Volute: Nylon, Impeller Shaft: Nylon, Seals: Viton, Power Cord (ft.): 10

UL listed
10 ft. cord
115 Volt
bottom sump-type pick up with removable plastic screen
Pumps down to 1/8-Inch

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Best AC Water Pump

Best AC Water Pump

Today’s Pump and Pump Product Recommendation: AC Water Pump

Here are the best deals on AC Water Pump around. We are pleased to recommend the following AC Water Pump and our top picks for AC Water Pump are:

AC Water Pump:

AC Delco 252-732 Water Pump Kit

Portable AC / Built-in Water Pump

WA-1205E -12,000btu cooling power -Water pump added to enhance ability of removing water (drain pipe incld) -Digital temperature display -3 fan speeds for fast or normal cooling -Independent dehumidifying function -Large casters for easy mobility -Full thermostat control -Choice of programmable timer or continuous operation -Preset timer available -Directional air discharge louvers Includes: -Window kit adapter connecting exhaust hose to window kit -LCD remote control -Washable air filter -Extendable exhaust hose (up to 5ft.) -Built-in water tank or extended water tube for continuous drainage Specifications: -Limited 1 year warranty -Dimensions: 33”H x 19”W x 15.75”D Designed to provide quiet and efficient cooling to any room, with no permanent installation.

Ideally cools an area up to 400sq.ft. Effectively improves air circulation in poorly ventilated spaces and maximizes energy efficiency. This unit features a built-in water tank to pump out condensed water (up to 10ft.), reducing the hassle of constantly emptying the tank. Independent dehumidifier function removes moisture from the room without turning on the AC mode. Digital thermostat with remote.

Note: Exhaust hose installation required (all standard accessories included).

Included exhaust hose is only compatible with the following models: WA-9000E, WA-9010E, WA-1205E

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Best Solar Well Pumps

Best Solar Well Pumps


Today’s Pump and Pump Product Recommendation: Solar Well Pumps

We love helping you find the best Solar Well Pumps so we have scoured the web for Solar Well Pumps. We want you to get the best deal on Solar Well Pumps while still recommending the best Solar Well Pumps around. So here you have it, without further ado, our top picks for Solar Well Pumps are:

Solar Well Pumps:

18L/min High Volume DC12V Brushless Water/ oil Pump. Ideal for Solar & Heating System

This is a High Volume, heavy duty DC water pump. It’s built by a brushless motor providing smooth and quiet operation than a brush type motor. Non metioning that it last much longer! Moverover,it will not generate ‘electric spark’ liket a brush type does so it’s more safe to operate. It can be applied to so many area like a Solar system,fish tank or water fountain.It can be used to pump oil as well (no gasoline*) Note: the pump is not submersible type.


Input: 9V-12VOutput: 18.0L/m Range: 2.3M (7ft horizon) @12VCurrent: 1.6A@12Intake: 20.8mm/15.0mm Dia.Outlet: 22mm/15mm Dia. Life span: > 20,000hrs@ 1600rpm~10,00rpmNoise:

High volume output: 18L (4.75gal)/min
Quality made: Brushless motor (no electric noise)
Low noise: <<42dB 16,000~10,000rpm
Durable: PVC & Sealed
Low power: 1.6A @12V

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What pump i need to get water to tank

Have A 45 feet deep well the water tank is about 60 feet from water!

What pump i need to get water to tank?

The House well 45 feet deep. Water is rising and lowering daily about 5 to 9 feet.the house is 3 storied.the water tank is at the top and is about 30 feet from ground and about 60 feet from water. What type of pump will be perfect for pulling water from 35 feet and sending water to the tank. The water pump cannot be fixed right on top of the well due to design problem and it is to be fixed 10 feet away from the well at floor.

Solution: Call AW-PUMP or email us here


A couple of things that are pertinent to your situation. One-is the well drilled, or a very deep dug well? It matters in terms of the type of pump to be used. Keep in mind that a pump is sized in terms of total dynamic head.

Meaning, from the bottom of the well, or rather 7ft from the bottom, to the highest point to which the water must go. You want the pump to function in the middle of it’s performance curve if at all possible to prevent “starving” the system and “cycling” the pump. Horizontal travel really doesn’t matter much. The size of the pipe does matter, most typical installations use 1 1/4″ poly pipe which coincidentally is usually the size of the connection of the submersible style pump.

Two-well recovery is important also. How many gallons per minuet does the well recover? With a submersible pump it is very easy to EMPTY the well and suck gravel and sand if the pump is over-sized for the situation. So use caution. My best suggestion would be to contact a speciality wholesale plumbing supply in your area to help you size the pump correctly.

Just provide them with this information and they would probably be happy to help. If not, just take you business elsewhere.

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