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Well Pumps


Have problems with your Submersible Well Pump?

FloWise® 4″ S Series

FloWise® 4″ S Submersible Pumps

Industrial Applications

· Commercial Applications
· Agricultural Applications
· Irrigation Systems
· Pressure Boosting

At  AW-Pumps, & More we have met many homeowners throughout Massachusetts and surrounding areas that may not have known the value of good maintenance until problems reach a crisis level.

 That can be expensive. You should always maintain your well, find the problems early, and correct them to protect your well’s performance. Keep up-to-date records of well installation and repairs, plus pumping and water tests.

FloWise® 4″ S Submersible Pumps use industry-proven 300 Series Stainless Steel and FDA Compliant Engineered Plastics. You can trust that each component has been manufactured to optimize performance, reliability, and durability.


Standard Models 5, 7, 10, 13, 18 GPM

  •  Hi-Capacity Models 25, 35, 40, 44, 55, 60, 80 GPM
  •  Heads to 1,210’

Submersible Well Pumps

Submersible Well Pumps deliver the water from your well to your tap. Shallow well jet pumps are used for wells under 25 feet deep and have no working parts submerged in water. On the other hand, deep well jet pumps can be used for wells up to 75 feet deep and have their ejectors installed in the well itself. Submersible well pumps are used underwater in wells. A small electric motor (called a driver) is installed in the well shaft, usually below the pump itself, and an electric cable is attached to the motor. Piping is then fitted from the pump, through the length of the shaft, and into the home. Unlike their shallow-end counterparts, submersible well pumps may be set hundreds of feet beneath the water in a well. When the pump is activated, the motor, consisting of several impellers and diffusers, spins on a common shaft (called stages), and pushes the water out of the well.

Jet Pumps

The Shallow Well Jet Pump Has It’s Jet On Or In The Pump. These Pumps Can Only Lift Water 25 Feet. Once Primed, The Jet Pump Will Force Water Down The Pressure Pipe Into The Jet, Where It Will Be Sent Through A Nozzle And Into A Venturi Tube Which Creates A Vacuum That Will Send More Water Up To Be Captured In The Storage Tank.

Deep Well Pumps

The deep well has its jet (ejector) in the well. The jets come in two different configurations. Two pipe and single pipe. The two-pipe uses two pipes lowered into the well to the existing water level with the jet on the end. The single pipe jet is hung in the well with only one pipe. The jet has two leathers to seal it to the casing, making it the second pipe.
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When Every Drop Counts, Trust AW-Pump for Emergency Well PumpServices in Providence, RI. From Installation to Repair, We Keep Your Water Flowing Safely and Reliably.

  1. Emergency Well Pump:Facing a well pump crisis? AW-Pump responds swiftly to emergency calls in Providence, RI. Our dedicated team ensures your water supply is restored promptly, minimizing downtime and inconvenience.
  2. Well Pump Installation:Unlock a dependable water source with AW-Pump’s expert well pump installations. Our skilled technicians tailor solutions to your property’s needs, ensuring a seamless and reliable water supply.
  3. Well Pump Repair&Servicing: Don’t let a malfunctioning well pumpdisrupt your routine. AW-Pump’s repair services swiftly diagnose and resolve issues and also conduct routine maintenance checks to ensure your water supply remains uninterrupted.

When it comes to well pump services in Providence, RI, AW-Pump is your trusted partner. Contact us today for expert solutions tailored to your property’s needs.